Variable Production Levels

Made to measure compositions ensure your kur is of the highest quality and most individual freestyle music.
For this purpose, the chosen songs are arranged entirely new, orchestrated homogeneously, adjusted precisely to the separate dressage elements, to the horses' tempo, character and sequence of movement. Necessary to that end is a new recording of all tracks, so this mostly needs an appropriate budget. (You can watch some examples for this in the menu item "Demos".)
The prices can vary depending on the complexity of the music, but very good professional results are often between € 1500,- and € 2500,-. In individual cases, however, there can be additional expenses (orchestral arrangements, for example, are sometimes more complicated requiring pop instrumentation etc.). It is possible for elaborate dressage music to range from € 3000,- to € 5000,- or above. (See behind the curtain of such a high-class production in "The Making Of..." a Grand-Prix-kur.)

For more economical solutions, suited for lower dressage levels, MUSIC DESIGN can reconfigure a pre-made piece to fit your choreography. Our library is full of stylistically multifarious kurmusic that has been archived over the years. The complete musical pieces therein have been produced instrumental especially for dressage gaits, so they can be fitted very close to the ride. Simple choreographies are possible from € 350,- with the next range between € 500,- and € 1000 providing many engaging options.

MUSIC DESIGN's freestyle pieces are not ready-made! Every production, even for lower dressage levels, are individually made to measure. Indeed it's technically possible (but not recommended) to put music to a Grand-Prix-freestyle for € 500,- it is also possible for a custom third level (M) kur to cost upwards of e.g. € 2000,- depending on the amount of effort necessary. For this reason, the price list is just a recommendation based on experience, to get the results you are looking for.

Price List

1st/2nd Level (A/L):        € 350,- 500,-

3rd Level (M):                  € 500,- 1000,-

4th/5th & FEI Levels (S):  € 900,- 2000,-

Grand Prix

·possible:               from € 900,-
·recommended:     from € 1800,-
·professional:        from € 2500,-

-Discount on combi packages, like the same music for different choreographies or different compositions (e.g. Pop and Classic) for a single choreography.

(All prices incl. VAT)

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