1. Video & Choreography

Make a video of your freestyle and send it to us - the easiest way is to transmit it via the internet (e.g. WeTransfer, Dropbox, YouTube etc.) or even by post.

2. Concept & Choice Of Music

Together we'll plan the choice of songs (by telephone and/or by e-mail), discuss special wishes and suggestions, or we try to isolate different options on the basis of the video, until we find the adequate style and a suitable theme. By request, we create new compositions in any instrumentation, individually fit to horse and rider.

3. Demos & Recommendations

To show some suggestions we'll add sound to parts of the video and send them back via internet, so you can decide on the songs you prefer without hurry.

4. Production & Delivery

If required we will send you an mp3-file with a preliminary version of the finished music. From that we can fine-tune any necessary adjustments based on a second video showing your ride to the preliminary music. You will receive the final version on audio-CD & USB flash drive including the video complete with soundtrack. Options include receiving the files as a downloadable link.

5. Postproduction & Changes

Post-processing of a freestyle is possible at any time; maybe there is fine-tuning necessary after the first competition or you would like the choreography to be modified. The studio projects are always available for editing.


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